DIY Marketing Playbook

Learn what big companies are doing but aren’t telling you.


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From the early access readers:

"She's not kidding when she says it's a very practical guide."

"Holy sh*t. This book is everything I needed."

"Reading the DIY Marketing Playbook feels like cheating off of a marketer's homework."

"I am waiting for the printed versions so I can buy it for a few of my friends."


Why is the release date pushed to January 2024?

When I consciously decided to self-publish the DIY Marketing Playbook, I knew it was a steeper climb up the publishing mountain. I wanted it to remain an affordable, always available, evergreen nugget of knowledge, and signing rights off to someone wasn't an option.

However, this means that every stage of the book production is heavily dependent on my time. As much as I hate to admit it, I realized I needed more time to get the book and surrounding material where I wanted it to be.

September holds symbolic meaning for me. It's my birthday, the end of summer, the time when the fruit ripens. I intended to make the digital version of the book available by the end of September 2023, but I've decided to release both the digital and printed version together in January 2024.

What to expect from this book?

The DIY Marketing Playbook is a practical marketing guide for small business owners, decision-makers, and microentrepreneurs. It enables them to do and truly understand their own marketing, avoiding costly mistakes along the way.

The book goes deep and teaches how to:

  • Do proper audience research
  • Leverage your competitors for success
  • Build strong messaging that attracts the right kind of audience
  • Trigger that audience into action
  • Do all of this in a sustainable and efficient manner
  • Understand how to leverage technology to your advantage (yes... even AI).

When will the book be published?

The digital version of the DIY Marketing Playbook is set to be published in January 2024. The exact date will be announced one month before the actual publication date.

Will a printed edition be available?

Yes! The printed edition will be available shortly after the digital version goes live. If you pre-register for the digital edition, we will notify you as soon as the printed copies are available.

Will the digital version be free forever?

The digital version of the book will be available for free with registration. However, both the digital and printed versions will have a symbolic price associated with them. The idea is to make it as widely available as possible.

Why I Wrote This Book

I believe all of us are responsible for helping small and medium businesses succeed. Push them to a point where they can perhaps afford to hire a marketer to help them get to that next growth stage.

If the small and medium economy grows, we all win. Money circulates through local businesses and the community benefits. It’s a positive domino effect that leads to a happier, healthier society.

What you’re about to read is a simplified marketing system you don’t need to go through a four-year study program to understand. It’s practical, dirty, and a bit rough around the edges.

And it works.

With so much money in the world, let’s decentralize some funds, shall we?

Tamara Ceman, Practical Marketer